Data protection declaration

Data protection declaration and statement on how your data will be kept strictly confidential

INFO GmbH works in accordance with the regulations of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and all other laws regarding data protection, as well as the quality assurance standards for online surveys
of the Berufsverband Deutscher Markt- und Sozialforscher e.V. [Professional Association of German Market and Social Researchers],
the Arbeitskreis Deutscher Markt- und Sozialforschungsinstitute e.V. [Working Group of German Market and Social Research Institutes]
and the ICC / ESOMAR guidelines.

Data which could reveal your identity will not be disclosed to third parties. The results will only be presented in an anonymous form. This means that nobody will be able to use the results to ascertain who gave which responses. We use cookies to analyse the access to our online survey. The data collected this way will be used in anonymised form to evaluate this particular survey only and will not be shared with third parties. Participation in this survey is completely voluntary. You can ask for your responses to be deleted both during and after you have completed the survey. All the responses you have given will then be completely deleted.
Please email if you want your responses to be deleted.

The following company is responsible for ensuring data protection regulations are observed:

INFO GmbH Market and Opinion Research
Schönholzer Str. 1A
13187 Berlin

Dr Holger Liljeberg (Managing Director)
Axel Melsbach (Data Protection Officer)